Growth Driven Design – The Solution for the Hospitality Industry

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Growth Driven Design – The Solution for the Hospitality Industry

Imagine that you’ve hired an agency to build you a state-of-the-art website that is supposed to drive up traffic, increase customer conversion rates, and be a platform that best represents you as a brand. Instead, as time goes by, you find none of what was promised has been realised, the agency is nowhere to be seen and you have been left in a state of panic and distress.

The described scenario is a common phenomenon under the traditional design approach. According to HubSpot, a third of marketers are dissatisfied with their websites and only 51% of website redesign projects are actually finished and launched on time.

What is the solution then?

Three words – Growth. Driven. Design.

But What is Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design is a standardised approach designed to minimise risk, initiate a quicker website launch, and foster growth through continuous improvements and changes.

In simple words, it allows a platform (website or other landing bases) to be set up in a short span of time and at a lower cost. The growth team continues to develop and grow the platform post-launch based on observation, testing, and insight from digital marketing analytics gained from user behaviour.

Compared to the traditional approach, this works better in your favour because it allows for more flexibility in your strategy in case things don’t go as planned.

To put it visually:

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“Only 51% of website redesign projects are actually finished on time…” – HubSpot

Unlike with the traditional design approach, the hired design agency becomes a vital partner to your business. They are by your side every step of the way to ensure that the implemented solution is successful and that all changes are driven by user and market intelligence. Through this method, it is clear to you how to implement changes once your own marketing team takes over the website.

Taking Back Control

Nowadays, too many companies especially in the hospitality industry are fighting back to gain the market share they’ve lost to disruptors in the industry, such as OTA’s or external booking engines. The first step to getting back control is to build a functional, visually appealing landing page that attracts existing and potential customers. Growth Driven Design is the best solution for this.

That’s where we, Super Hospitality, come into play.

Growth Driven Solutions for Hospitality

Our mission is to change the way hospitality businesses operate their marketing and sales channels. By replacing the outdated traditional approach and methodology, we aim to kickstart growth towards a more prosperous future.

Our Growth Driven Solutions are focused on:

  • Bringing direct bookings back to the home website
  • Giving hospitality businesses more control over their reservations by eliminating the middleman → resulting in lower cost of sale
  • Offering intelligence and greater understanding of who their existing and potential customers are to cater to their customers’ demands
  • Providing them with a platform that best captures their brand identity, fosters continuous growth and engagement, and brings in a higher ROI
  • And most importantly, giving them back control over their whole marketing, sales and customer acquisition process
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